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If you suffer from muscle spasms, you know how debilitating the pain can be. The specialists at 5th Avenue Chiropractic, with an office in New York City’s Midtown West, want to help you get relief from your muscle spasms to reduce your pain and get you back to doing the things you enjoy. For relief from your muscle spasms, call the office today or request an appointment online.

Muscle Spasm Q & A

What is a muscle spasm?

A muscle spasm is an involuntary contraction of a muscle that often leads to severe pain and the inability to use the affected muscle. If you’ve ever been awakened by a charley horse in the middle of the night, you’ve experienced a muscle spasm.

Muscle spasms can occur in any muscle, but they most commonly affect your:

  • Calf
  • Thigh
  • Foot
  • Back

While you may experience a muscle spasm after a heavy workout, muscle spasms can be a chronic problem for some people, which can significantly affect their quality of life.

Regular chiropractic treatments from the experts at 5th Avenue Chiropractic may deal with the underlying cause of your muscle spasm and provide you with the relief you need to get back to doing the things that make you happy.

What causes muscle spasms?

Overuse of a muscle can lead to fatigue and cause a muscle spasm, but there are other reasons you may be experiencing these chronic muscle contractions. Other causes of muscle spasms include:

  • Dehydration
  • Vitamin or mineral deficiency
  • Compressed nerve
  • Poor blood flow
  • Improper muscle stretching

In some cases, the underlying cause of your muscle spasm might go undetermined. Certain medical conditions, such as pregnancy or diabetes, may increase your risk of muscle spasms.

How can chiropractic care help my muscle spasms?

The team at 5th Avenue Chiropractic develops individualized treatment plans for your muscle spasms based on the underlying cause, the severity of your symptoms, and your overall health. Your treatment plan may include:

  • Spinal manipulation
  • Physical therapy
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Massage therapy

Regular spinal manipulation may be an important part of your treatment plan to help reduce the stress on the muscle that leads to the spasm. By aligning your body, your specialist takes the pressure off the nerves and muscles and reduces the signals to your brain that may cause the involuntary spasm.

Your specialist may also stretch the affected area and teach you proper stretching techniques, so you can keep the muscle limber.

Frequent muscle spasms aren’t something you simply have to live with: Treatment can stop the involuntary contractions and pain. Call the team at 5th Avenue Chiropractic today or request an appointment online to get treatment for your muscle spasms.